Delayed flashover

This weekend a very good friend of mine is taking part in the London Marathon, and we’re all looking forward to the no-doubt incredible time she’ll finish in.

“Fun run” is the excuse losers give before a race

Normally, I wouldn’t bother writing anything about such an event but this is different. It is different because she is practically a hero to me.

I’m talking about Rach.

Last summer she gave birth to a bouncing baby girl1.

Seven months later she is going to complete a marathon. I would say “planning to complete”, but I know better at this point.

This is made all the more impressive because a decade ago we thought we’d lose her following a serious accident. As time went on and things improved the realisation that we’d have a wheelchair-bound-for-life friend kicked in. And slowly it became clear that we’d have a crutch-bound-for-life friend. And eventually it became quite obvious we’d have a soul-filling running machine to envy once again.

Now she has been lucky, very lucky. But we make our own luck too, and she is an awesome luck making machine. To poorly misuse a Pasteur quote that I already tend to overuse, “luck favours the prepared mind.”

If I have one tip for the Dear Reader this week it is this: Keep your sponsorship options in check, she’ll destroy the target time. Go Rach!


Update: Sub-four finish, ‘nuff said.



a term which always make me think I should call child services2


a term which makes me think they bring fizzy drinks and sugary cakes