Return to rambling

I kept a public journal from about 2003 until 2009, with a new entry about every three days. I enjoyed the act of writing it greatly, and often looked forward to the period of contemplation it would create. However, eventually I found I had to kill it, but not because of waning enthusiasm as is so often the case.

I had simply become incredibly frustrated and entirely fed up with having to censor myself; “unprofessional” thoughts, fear of discussing hot political issues, &c. I realised, towards the end, that I would spend about the same amount of time editing a post as I would writing it. Sometimes I would spend an hour on a short post and finally delete it entirely. All the love was gone, all of it.

Unleash the shout-hole

So why return? Simple, I’ve reached a stage in my life where I don’t have to be quite so concerned with outbound appearances for the sake of professional life, and I should feel free to express myself how I wish in my personal life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start writing about whatever noisy issue I can find just because I can. I’m not, nor have I ever wished to be, a tabloid journalist.

The purpose of this resurrection and the previous incarnations has always been as an outlet for some of my views. It is a side-effect should it be read by others. However, some of my fondest memories of writing have been the conversations that have arisen from folks who’ve contacted me about an entry. I’ve engaged with some extremely interesting people this way, some of whom I remain in touch with to this day.

I always have an open invitation to thank me, correct me, shame me or berate me for the opinions I express or information I spread. And that invitation is absolutely extended to this site and the new content I post.