Consulting services


Guidelines for consulting services

From time to time I’m asked to consult on various projects, and I tend to find myself in very similar conversations at the start of such a relationship. Hopefully, the guidelines on this page will help me and potential clients save some time.

Firstly, there are some things I’m not interested in:

  • Evaluating projects for investors or investment groups.

  • Broad discussions with steering committees or design groups.

I’m primarily interested in solving clearly detailed, specific technical problems. If you’re still at the discussion stage on a project or you’re an early stage startup with non-technical founders, then I’m likely not the guy you’re looking for!

That said, here are the guidelines:

  1. I can not sign contracts that are expected to require more than 21 consecutive workdays to complete.

  2. I will not sign contracts that attempt to impose restrictions on who I may work with or the topics that I can work on.

  3. I will not sign contracts unless they are applied according to an EU member state’s laws, with disputes resolved in an EU member state’s court.

  4. The first 15 minutes are free, all additional time will be chargeable and invoiced.1

  5. I will not sign any NDA, unless they are time limited.2

Some of these rules can be side-stepped, if you can meet one of the following criteria:

  • You’re a non-profit organisation

  • Your for-profit company has an existing partnership with my current employer



I may be willing to offer extra free services for non-profit organisations


Any NDA with a limit in excess of three years is likely to be a insurmountable barrier.