Project postmortems

One of my favourite things about the day job is the post-project analysis and postmortems, which we lovingly refer to as probits internally.


I work in heavily structured and standalone project-oriented environment. In a decade I can count the number of fluid projects on three fingers. As I write this in June 2014 my tier-one project started 21 months ago, and has a delivery date locked down to a week in 2015. We’ll deliver on time or a touch early, our team is known for that.

One of the benefits of working on such strict projects with definite ship dates and locked schedules is that you always know when a project is complete. This also allows us to take advantage of that by inspecting the project as a whole, spotting the successes and failures within. Probits are the more informal dialogue that we pin to the front of each folder.

What you’ll find

I’ve recently decided I’d like to take a similar approach to some side projects that I work on, and also try to apply the methods to some more real-life situations. This category, and the accompanying index, below are that attempt.