Short introduction to the things you can find on this site

The main purpose of this site is a dumping ground for things that are either not important enough for, or too incomplete to warrant, their own location. More specifically it is used for toy projects, and the occasional rant.

Recent posts

  • 2019-05-24 - I have a secret

    A terrible secret haunts me, at times daily… I have virtually no SQL skills.

    Sad reality of SQL knowledge
  • 2019-04-05 - GPS rollover 2019

    Tomorrow we’re going to experience the simultaneously cataclysmic and mundane consequences of a GPS rollover event. Many things will break, many will continue to work and many will just take a step closer to breaking… the fun of date handling never ends.

    Pick a year, win a prize
  • 2018-12-23 - Office hours

    A few co-workers have started offering office hours, seemingly spurred on by a post by Robert Heaton. I’m going to try this a little closer to Robert’s original idea, and make this offer to strangers too1.

    Appointment icon [from Adwaita icons]
  • 2018-12-15 - Advent of Code 2018

    I’ve given up on AoC for this year, so we’ll have a ten day early retrospective. I’m writing this is a journal entry, more for myself than others. You’ve been warned!

    |AOC| example runner output
  • 2018-12-04 - Giddy new project love

    I’ve recently inherited a new tier-one project, which is great news! Sadly, it is in real need of some Tender Loving Care™. Was there ever an inherited project that wasn’t?

    sandfly debug architecture